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Welcome to the Wisdom Diet section for Weight Management.  The main homepage for this material has now moved to the new Weight Management section at Life and Health UK, and you can click here for the main, official brand page for The Wisdom Diet itself.

The Wisdom Diet, which is both a product and an ethos, is all about getting your psychology right so that you can provide a breeding ground for right results.

It has nothing to do with denying yourself food, either in quality or quantity, and nothing to do with doing things with your body that your body doesn’t want to do.

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About The Author

The author of The Wisdom Diet is Whole Life Whole World Founder and Philosopher and Wisdom Coach, James Blacker. James is also the author and creator of many other resources and articles, including Wisdom The Course and The Body Wisdom Campaign and Culture.

The Ethos

'The problem is not wanting to eat chocolate cake, but being prepared to do so for the wrong reasons.' -James Blacker

'The problem is not wanting to eat chocolate cake, but being prepared to do so for the wrong reasons.' -James Blacker, author.

The essence of The Wisdom Diet is to reverse all of the unhelpful and inner conflict-creating approaches to diet and weight management and turn them on their heads so that they actually empower the individual who is aiming to manage and maintain their ideal weight.

Thus, the aim of The Wisdom Diet is to cultivate, create and sustain the right mental, emotional and psychological approach and ‘inner environment’, which will itself in turn allow all ideal weight management to be maximised.

This is actually the best thing any of us can do, and the best approach we can take.

Health Comes First

We also prioritise health.  Identifying health as the number one priorty is a key feature of the approach.

And in line with that, we also encourage another law of common sense – “If you’re hungry, eat!”

The Community

In addition to The Wisdom Diet, the product itself, this website also serves as the basis for The Wisdom Diet Community, as further articles to support the concepts and practices involved will also be made available.

The purpose of defining a Wisdom Diet Community in this way is to provide a central focus for regular and ongoing ‘food for thought’ written material and features to continue to develop supportive belief systems and encourage good thought and desirable thinking.  More…

Community Resources


“The relationship between optimum weight management, facing everything and embracing and engaging one’s own personal potential is a central one.”

“Boredom is almost always a secondary experience caused by avoiding truths.” - James Blacker

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