The Chapter Concepts

These pages introduce the various concepts.

These pages introduce the various concepts.

The eleven pages in this section serve introduce the various concepts outlined in each of the chapter of The Wisdom Diet, plus the Appendix.

As such they can be useful to you, both as a sample or introduction to the product itself, and also as a short, basic, initial introduction to its concepts as well.

The links for each chapter are listed here in order.  You can click any or all of the links to read and explore the concepts further.

1. Power

The first chapter of The Wisdom Diet sets the scene for the essential approach of the philosophy – to reverse all the negative thinking surrounding dieting and to turn all the unhelpful and disempowering ways of looking at things on their head.

This chapter takes the conflict out of dieting. When we are at odds with ourselves, nothing is sustainable, nothing is going to last. So we need to work out how to be at one with ourselves in all of the respects associated with eating, drinking and physical activity, and with thinking and emotions.

2. Awareness

This chapter covers and explains the considerable importance of awareness. We also discuss and explain the importance of freedom – mentally and emotionally speaking.

We also identify those changes that ’stick’, and those that don’t, and why that is the case with each of the two possible approaches there are to change, also discussing what I call ‘natural conviction’.

3. Now

This chapter looks at how it is that we can find our approach enjoyable and right when we know that it can take ages to gain our chosen outcomes. That can be a fact that there is no getting around, so how do we work it to our advantage, or at least so that it supports us? How do we approach things so that our approach itself supports us? Again, it comes down to the way that we think about things, and that also leads to the way we feel about them, and that is crucial.

“If we are going to make an approach to weight loss work for us, and be good for us, and more importantly stick, we MUST learn to use the power of now, and have our goals set always in the now.” – James Blacker, taken from The Wisdom Diet

4. Yes

This chapter is all about how you can say ‘Yes’ to yourself – and how important that is. This addresses the issue of ‘denial’, in particular, and the conflict that arises around denial and willpower.

5. Wisdom

The art and skill of listening to the body is an important part of The Wisdom Diet approach, and of health in general.  Listening to the body is about paying attention to what is going on with you physically, and even mentally and emotionally. We may, for example, pay attention to our breathing, our digestion, our posture, muscles, joints, sleep-wake cycle, energy levels, hunger, thirst, and so on.

6. More

This chapter is all about understanding how body wisdom (listening to the body) and The Wisdom Diet can actually help us to enjoy our food MORE, not less.

7. Passion

In this chapter we look at how our desire for physical movement is just as conditioned as our desire for various foods is, and the massive benefits that come from unlocking that particular source of passion, activity and vitality from its conditioning.

Physical activity and exercise is often the other end of the stick that people use in any attempts to lose weight. Again, though, if it is done for the wrong reasons, or seen as a ‘chore’, there’s very little likeliness that any good will come of it, particularly in the long term.

8. Success

Through the smoke and mirrors and underneath the illusion that it is our physical actions that are the final causes of our outcomes, we can see that it is actually our emotions that are at the heart of all our decisions and outcomes. Get these right, learn and understand how to work with these, and we can not only set our course for the outcomes we want, but know and understand how to stay on it without any undue effort or struggle.

9. Guaranteed

Being true to yourself is impossible to quit. The Wisdom Diet is based on being as true to yourself as you possibly can be, therefore The Wisdom Diet approach itself is also impossible to quit.

And as The Wisdom Diet is based on the concept of being true to ourselves, not only is it impossible to quit, it is also impossible to fail, because you cannot permanently fail at being true to yourself.

10. Application

With all our approaches and principles in place, the only thing left is to do them, or rather simply to let them run. In this chapter, we tie this up, and explain The Law of Self, which explains that there is nothing about ourselves inherently that needs forcing. If we remove the negatives, the positives can flourish.

Appendix: Beliefs

Beliefs are the cornerstone of our activities, they also influence our emotional responses, and so I have sought here to pick out of my mind those that I hold that help and support the processes.


"Remember, I said dieting had nothing to do with food? That's true. If you get your head AND heart right, everything else will follow." - James Blacker, taken from The Wisdom Diet

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