10. Application

Chapter 10. Putting it all together

With all our approaches and principles in place, the only thing left is to do them, or rather simply to let them run.

“The reason the Wisdom Diet is effortlessly effective is that it has its groundings in the basic premise that there is nothing inherently wrong with the original design of the human being, or its drives or aspirations.” – James Blacker, taken from The Wisdom Diet

In this chapter, we tie this up, and explain The Law of Self, which explains that there is nothing about ourselves inherently that needs forcing.  If we remove the negatives, the positives can flourish.

We also look at expanding our potentials, and practicing and developing all of the skills and concepts we have learned and covered, such as listening to the body, and emotional mastery.

These in turn allow our achievement of our naturally desired shape and vitality to be a BY-PRODUCT of our sensible, wise and correct approach to dieting and weight management.

“It is important to remember that what we are aiming for is to create the right mental environment from which we can allow right action to flourish, which in turn can lead to right results. The aim of The Wisdom Diet is NOT any particular physical goal or change in body shape, even though it is designed so that these may be healthy and natural by-products of its philosophy.” – James Blacker, taken from The Wisdom Diet



“The relationship between optimum weight management, facing everything and embracing and engaging one’s own personal potential is a central one.”

“Boredom is almost always a secondary experience caused by avoiding truths.” - James Blacker

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