2. Awareness

Chapter 2. Awareness will get you there

This chapter covers and explains the considerable importance of awareness.  We also discuss and explain the importance of freedom – mentally and emotionally speaking.

We also identify those changes that ’stick’, and those that don’t, and why that is the case with each of the two possible approaches there are to change, also discussing what I call ‘natural conviction’.

Awareness is the fuel that allows The Wisdom Diet to be successful, or rather, if you really want to power it, it is increased awareness, and particularly increased self-awarenesss, that is the key to that.

“Awareness allows and leads you to effortlessly become more; to grow, and thus to achieve at new levels. And achievement at new levels can mean achieving a personal best level of slimness – and that achievement sticking!” – James Blacker, taken from The Wisdom Diet

Being True to Self and Being Free

In The Wisdom Diet we use increased awareness to make better decisions based on better self-knowledge.  This allows us to be more fulfilled by our decisions as we become more aligned with what we call ‘being true to self’.  The aim is to be as true to yourself as you can possibly be – in ALL aspects of life, because they all affect each other.

This increased awareness is also useful in terms of achieving greater mental and emotional freedom.  The ideal mental stance, with regard to anything, not just food, drink and weight management, is ‘to be free to, and free not to’.

“‘Not needing to’ is an absolute key to wisdom in itself, because it saves us from doing things out of fear, and therefore turbulently and ineffectively. And as you can imagine, in this field of successful weight management, that could have extensive implications.” – James Blacker, taken from The Wisdom Diet

We use awareness to make all the changes that we want to happen, happen.  This awareness is used to make changes and gains in all areas.  It is the tool we use which makes these changes happen without inner conflict – which makes them lasting changes.

Other chapters of The Wisdom Diet explore the many and various further ways in which we can make gains in our approach to life, dieting and weight management.

“In the chapters that follow there will be all manner of approaches about how to avoid denying yourself, how to avoid forcing yourself to exercise (yet still being open to doing so), how to increase, or rather, uncover, your desire for certain things, how to realise when you don’t actually want some things, how to use your emotions more effectively, to make better decisions, and so on.” – James Blacker, taken from The Wisdom Diet

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"Remember, I said dieting had nothing to do with food? That's true. If you get your head AND heart right, everything else will follow." - James Blacker, taken from The Wisdom Diet

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