3. Now

Chapter 3. Life happens in the now

“The point of power is the present moment.” – The Seth Material

This chapter looks at how it is that we can find our approach enjoyable and right when we know that it can take ages to gain our chosen outcomes.  That can be a fact that there is no getting around, so how do we work it to our advantage, or at least so that it supports us?  How do we approach things so that our approach itself supports us?  Again, it comes down to the way that we think about things, and that also leads to the way we feel about them, and that is crucial.

Due process is a necessary factor of life, so there is no getting away from it.  So we need to find the way that makes our goals work for us, and in the moment now.

“If we are going to make an approach to weight loss work for us, and be good for us, and more importantly stick, we MUST learn to use the power of now, and have our goals set always in the now.” – James Blacker, taken from The Wisdom Diet

The right goals set in the now, naturally have their own natural, long term success consequences.  In other words, goals organised around doing the right thing in each and every now moment lead to the achievement of goals which are achieved through due process.  You don’t need to worry about the long term goal(s) because you are committed to the now moment goals, which is where the power is.  You can align and define and choose your ‘now’ goals in such a way that your ‘future’ goals are going to be on your path when you are ready for them to show up – when they are appropriate.

“Goals that therefore become more inspiring, are more fulfilling, and are in line with universal principles and your true nature.” – James Blacker, taken from The Wisdom Diet

This allows us to get instant results of a different kind which we know will lead to the achievement of the other by natural due course.  Have you heard of the financial proverb about money which states; “Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”?  Well, in weight management, if you look after the present moment, the future will look after itself.

“We have discussed the fact that knowing that we will be waiting for ages to get results can be a very uninspiring, disempowering and de-motivating thing, so we need to turn this on its head or it will destroy our willpower before we have begun. When you are doing things for the wrong reasons, e.g. denying yourself something, or forcing physical activity, an hour or even a split second can be a struggle, let alone three months, six months or a year.” – James Blacker, taken from The Wisdom Diet

This ability to be focussed into enjoying the moment, and thus doing the right thing in the moment, really is the key, foundational basis to successful weight management the wise way.  And the wise and smart way also equates to the lasting way.

What you might want to ask yourself is, “How can I take control of myself in the now moment?”

“Drink some water.  Breathe!” – Tony Robbins

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"Remember, I said dieting had nothing to do with food? That's true. If you get your head AND heart right, everything else will follow." - James Blacker, taken from The Wisdom Diet

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