7. Passion

Chapter 7. Rekindling the passion and joy in life, and in movement

The power and leverage of The Wisdom Diet is that it takes everything that is upside-down, doesn’t work and beats us, and points it the right way up so that it works for us, rather than against us.” – James Blacker, taken from The Wisdom Diet

In this chapter we look at how our desire for physical movement is just as conditioned as our desire for various foods is, and the massive benefits that come from unlocking that particular source of passion, activity and vitality from its conditioning.

Physical activity and exercise is often the other end of the stick that people use in any attempts to lose weight.  Again, though, if it is done for the wrong reasons, or seen as a ‘chore’, there’s very little likeliness that any good will come of it, particularly in the long term. 

What needs to be done, then, it to retrieve our true relationship to physical activity, which is subject to false conditioning on our journey through life just like anything else is.

We are physical beings, so to believe that we do not enjoy physical activity full stop is almost certainly a learned or conditioned response, long-since detached from our natural passion for life and physical movement.

Once we have right relationship to physical activity, and to our desire for it, we are again also aligning this area of our lives with our user-friendly, supportive and self-affirming approach to ideal weight management.

“Just as surely as three days of denial will cause you to ‘revert back to type’ and have three days worth of indulgence in one go, occassions of forced physical activity will also eventually lead you to revert back to type in an equally undesireable way, often with you cursing the pain of forced physical activity and making it even more unlikely that you will be inclined to try and pick up the gauntlet again at any time in the near future.” – James Blacker, taken from The Wisdom Diet

‘No pain, no gain’ is a no-no

We also need to understand some of the correct approaches to exercise.  As my colleague, David Heard, first explained to me, ‘no pain, no gain’ is a no-no, as pain is the body’s signal mechanism that something is wrong.  So we will also look at this, and other factors, that will support us in enjoying physical exercise when we understand their principles, and the notion of authentic relationship to exercise, which I will help you to regain.

“So what we want to do is to … remember or re-find our true relationship to being physically active. It is there, I promise you. Whether it is buried under an inch of sand, or fifty miles of rock, it is there, deep down in the very core of your being.” – James Blacker, taken from The Wisdom Diet

Consult your doctor before engaging in any form of physical activity.

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“The relationship between optimum weight management, facing everything and embracing and engaging one’s own personal potential is a central one.”

“Boredom is almost always a secondary experience caused by avoiding truths.” - James Blacker

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