8. Success

Chapter 8. Knowing how to use emotions brings success

“Emotions are very important. You can’t afford to ‘eat’ your emotions. You won’t lose weight that way, that much is for sure!” – James Blacker, taken from The Wisdom Diet

Through the smoke and mirrors and underneath the illusion that it is our physical actions that are the final causes of our outcomes, we can see that it is actually our emotions that are at the heart of all our decisions and outcomes.  Get these right, learn and understand how to work with these, and we can not only set our course for the outcomes we want, but know and understand how to stay on it without any undue effort or struggle.

There is certainly a notion that people ‘eat thier emotions’, by which I am referring to the act of eating out of an emotional response, rather than a physical sign of hunger.  We can’t afford for this to continue, either individually, or as a society, so emotional mastery must be a commonly taught skill.  That’s the culture we are seeking to create; one in which society generally understands the source, cause, empowered response to, and integration and self-mastery control of emotions.

“You cannot settle matters of the heart through matters of the stomach.” – James Blacker

If we refuse to learn mastery over our emotions, then really I don’t see that sustained, successful health and weight management is going to be achieved.  That’s why this chapter is such a crucial element of The Wisdom Diet.  The good news is that with a simple initial teaching, and with practice, this area of life can be mastered.

This chapter teaches us how to master our emotions, and how even the perceived ‘negative’ emotions also always bring us ‘gifts’.

“Have you ever noticed that people can experience entirely different emotions in response to the exact same things? The same stimulus or event brings on different emotions for different people. Why? Because they have different beliefs. They have different psychologies. And emotions are manufactured in the cauldron of our beliefs; our beliefs about ourselves, about life, and also about emotions themselves.” – James Blacker, taken from The Wisdom Diet

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“The relationship between optimum weight management, facing everything and embracing and engaging one’s own personal potential is a central one.”

“Boredom is almost always a secondary experience caused by avoiding truths.” - James Blacker

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