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In addition to The Wisdom Diet, the product itself, this website also serves as the basis for The Wisdom Diet Community, as further articles to support the concepts and practices involved will also be made available.

The purpose of defining a Wisdom Diet Community in this way is to provide a central focus for regular and ongoing ‘food for thought’ written material and features to continue to develop supportive belief systems and encourage good thought and desirable thinking.

Community Resources

Repetition is The Mother of Skill

Part of that may also be that repeated reading of the same point, perhaps expressed in a slightly different way, can also be useful, for as they say, ‘repetition is the mother of skill’.

These articles will provide a valuable extra source of insight for developing that natural mental, emotional and psychological environment necessary for effective weight management.  That is the purpose of them in this context.  They are the ’support workers’ to the screen/e-book presentation itself.

The Aim Is For You to Ultimately Be Free of This Wisdom Diet Website, Not Tied To It

“We have a right to health.  It’s not an accident, bequest or legacy, it’s what we make it…  The irony is, if you’ve got good health, it’s invisible.  If you’ve got bad health, it’s totally dominant.  If someone is diagnosed with cancer, for example, it takes over their life.” – David Heard

It has been said that the irony of good health is that it is ‘invisible’, that we do not overly concern with it, and in the same way the right mental approach to dieting is also invisible in that once it has been achieved it can be largely forgotten about, except for any rare moments when we may need to regroup or remind ourselves what we are doing.  To that end then, therefore, The Wisdom Diet Community is somewhat unique in that the eventual aim is not to get people to stay forever, but that they get to that point where they can effectively graduate beyond it, returning only if they wish to.

If one then wishes to continue returning to read articles or remind oneself of certain points, this can then be done in a much more liberated way, rather than needing to be chained to this website and this mini community for The Wisdom Diet as a an external source of strength.

The source of strength is really within you.  And so all that this Wisdom Diet website and the presentation itself aims to do is to set that free.


“The relationship between optimum weight management, facing everything and embracing and engaging one’s own personal potential is a central one.”

“Boredom is almost always a secondary experience caused by avoiding truths.” - James Blacker

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